Functions of Valuers Registration Board:

(a) Register valuers and enlist technician valuers;

(b) Issue certificate to persons qualified to practice valuations;

(c) Evaluate academic and practical qualification for the purposes of registration;

(d) Exercise effective disciplinary control over the professional ethics and conduct of valuation practice;

(e) Promote and encourage educational advancement with regard to the practice of the valuation profession;

(f) In matters relating to valuation practice, to receive and determine complains raised from Chief Valuer, practicing valuers of the Government and general public;

(g) Consult with institutions that train valuers and associations with the view to ensuring adherence to rules of the best practice;

(h) Organize courses, conferences, seminars, discussions and consultations on matters relating to valuation;

(i) Create enabling environment that facilitates professional advancement of Registered Valuers;

(j) Conduct regular continuing professional education;

(k) Arrange for publication and dissemination of materials regarding the practice of valuation;

(l) Ensure that valuation practice is undertaken in conformity with laid down valuation standards;

(m) Conduct regular quality control of valuations carried out by practicing valuers; and

(n) Carry out other functions as the Minister may direct.