As regards to disciplinary control and adherence to professional ethics and standards, Board:

  • Exercises effective disciplinary control over the professional ethics and conduct of valuation practice
  • In matters relating to valuation practice, to receive and determine complains raised from Chief Valuer, practicing valuers of the Government and general public;
  • Ensures that valuation practice is undertaken in conformity with laid down valuation standards;
  • Conducts regular quality control of valuations carried out by practicing valuers at a frequency determined by the Board, and take appropriate actions

Upon receiving complaints on matters of ethics and professional misconducts, if the Board having conducted an inquiry over the matter and satisfied itself that the alleged Valuer is guilty of the misconduct, the Board may:

  • Caution the Valuer;
  • Impose a fine payable to the Board;
  • Suspend or remove the name of the Valuer from the Register; and
  • Forward the matter to other Government authorities if there are criminal elements